Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro App Reviews

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Trop de ouf poteau


I think that you should put like a friends list on the game and a private match so you can play with your friends instead of waiting 20 minutes to find a person


Cooles Spiel aber funktioniert manchmal nicht richtig

i really like the game! In my opinion, its the best motocross game on mobile devices!

Not a very good "matchup"

It takes forever to connect with other players. And even if I win, the opponents end up quitting and I dont get any rewards for the win


Perfect game for PS3 users: its full of loading time!! Says that it cant load or proceed every 2 seconds...dowloaded, played 3 minutes to finally just delete it...pure waste of time and data. Dont even bother.

Awsome game

This is the very best game in the world.

Great game

Amazing game,I am so addicted!!!!! Cant go wrong


It could use a freestyle mode and maybe some more poeple to buy good game


This is a cool game but it gets boring....

I dont know???

How do I do a flip in the air without falling off my bike!!! But other then that I love the game but they should put a COMPUTER mode so when u dont have Internet when u go out!!! But sprint plzzz answer my question!!

Good but...

It was great but when I bought a rider it set me back to lvl 0? What the hell


Good game, but it takes forever to match with opponents. Reward system is a bit missed. I would win the race plus style points and the other person would get wrenches


Its great but I hate that when I cant invite my friends In game center.please make a new update that can invite friends. And I hate it when there are $49.99 dollars for just one rider In that game.theres one player has to cost you for about $20.00 or more.Dont buy the cost money players it was a big wast.

Its fun but filled with bull****

It really is filled with bull****. You cant pick the map you want to use in vs. mode, you cant challenge your gamecenter friends, executing tricks is near impossible (ADD A DAMN TRICK BUTTON) and you lose the race when you win because you cant execute tricks! I Dont really mind the load time, just fix the trick crap.


Its a fun game but I havent been able to play it because of a glitch I have. Whenever I go on now I dont have a rider in the home or bike + rider screen (thats how I know that the game wont be working). And I can sit in the matchup screen forever and it wont match me with anybody. I cant do any practice either because the game crashes when it is loading the map I choose. COME UP WITH AN UPDATE!!!!! I AM READY TO DELETE THE GAME BECAUSE I CANT DO ANYTHING ON IT!!!!!

Wont work no more

Let me start by saying I love this game. Only problem, the day after I upgraded to ios6 I am having troubles actually getting into Internet games. Not sure if Im the only one or not.

Great when it works?

This game is a lot of fun when it works. Half the time it tells me I need an internet connection when Im connected to 3G network and wifi. It does take awhile to find a match up. If they came up with CPU opponents the game would be a lot better. Just read the reviews before you waste your time.

Crap app

Rick Carmichael hang your head in shame shoot the developers, sue the company and get your name off the title.

It works

All you have to do is delete it then re download it and it works and will you still have your rider

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